Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New directions

I have just started as an Avon Sales Rep. I have been considering it for many years but did nothing about it. A friend is my Sales Leader and encouraged me to join. I am glad I did it as my first order has been quite profitable. I have also bought a few things, not too much though.

I had a flu jab this week, it was the first time I had had one of these. I must remember to get one every winter as last winter I was so ill. Caring is impossible when you become ill and invariably you make yourself worse whilst trying to cope.

The group I am working with is having a lot of extra meetings lately. Today I met with someone from Barnardos who wants us to help feed back at his meetings about the Parenting Strategy. Sounds good in principle and he has agreed to include something we asked for on the agenda with a view to running a training course on it in the town. Having a voice and representing others is a good thing.

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